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3 Home Updates in Under 1 Hour

Time and time again, I bring prospective buyers to a home that they feel "might be the one". They have viewed this home dozens of times online, and are super excited to see it in person. But then it happens. The buyers see the little things. A crack here. Dirt there. Dog hair in the corner. Food stuck on the stove. Dirty clothes in the closet. They see it!

When you are selling your home, your work does not end when it is listed with an agent. I cannot stress enough to sellers how much the little things matter to potential buyers. When buyers notice that the seller has taken the care to address minor things, they can get a sense of security that other underlying issues have been appropriately addressed as well. With that said, the following are three quick and easy home updates that you can complete in less than an hour.


Buyers cannot get into your home without coming in through the front door, so why do some many people overlook their landscaping? Completing a fall/spring clean-up, removing dead annuals, pruning bushes and planting fresh flowers/plants go a long way when you're wanting to make an impression. Make sure that those daylillies are cleaned up, prune the rose bush, and pull a few of the early weeds that have sprung.


In nearly every home I visit, I notice cracked or yellowed caulking. It doesn't look good and buyers typically ask me if I feel that there are concerns with water leaks. Remove the doubt and take 10 minutes to re-caulk the tub, shower and sink. If you've never done this before, there are lots of YouTube videos that will guide you along the way.


It sounds simple, but the sad truth is that many home sellers do not keep their homes in tip-top shape for a potential buyer. Before you have a showing, clean/mop the floors, vacuum the carpet, dust the ceiling fans and knock down the cobwebs. Yes, even the cobwebs. This last thing you want your buyers doing is worrying about moving into a filthy home.

If your home is reasonably priced and your agent is actively marketing your home, look to do some of the smaller things. You never know. They may have a big return.

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