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Central Illinois: 4 Reasons to List NOW!

It's common for those selling their homes to want to take the holiday's off. Truth is, this mindset may cost you $$$. Let me explain......

Four great reasons to list your home NOW:

1. Less Competition - You've probably heard about the low "inventory" levels throughout the year. This problem is magnified in November, December and January as potential sellers try to time the market. With less homes available for purchase, listing now gets a seller more exposure and potentially more $$$.

2. Desire for Homeownership - Thanksgiving and Christmas do not stop those desires and dreams from taking place, nor do snow or sleet storms. Use the short sidedness of other potential sellers and turn it into your GAIN!

3. New Construction - Spring brings new life, and a flood of new construction. By some estimates, 2018 will see record levels of new home construction. Now is the time to get out in front of that surge. Right now, there are more willing home buyers than there are available homes. Use that to your advantage!

4. Serious, Qualified Buyers - With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and trying to dodge Mother Nature, the one thing that most say they don't have enough of is time. For those taking time away from their family gatherings and holiday shopping to walkthrough your home on wet winter's day, you know those potential buyers are not just coming over for fun. They are serious and ready to buy if your home is "The one".

It's hard for most to go against the status quo. But the status quo is average. Don't be average. You and your family deserve more!

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