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The Top 7 Things I Can Help With...

As I was getting my kids ready for school this morning, each of them endlessly kept repeating "I need your help!" For some reason, I instantly thought of 7 seven things I can help just about anyone with that is not real estate sales related. Just know, this list is not in any particular order, is not all-inclusive and I reserve the right to add/remove/change this list at any time. Let me know how I can help :)

Top 7 Things I Can Help With- Not Real Estate Related

1. Fix Staplers - I've unjammed enough staplers to open my own stapler shop. I bet I could modify and crank out some custom orders fairly quickly. My current favorite stapler is the Bostitch INP20

2. Watch Chicago Cubs Baseball - I feel that I am excellent at this. And I mean like really, really good at it.

3. Drink Beer - This might be cheating as it goes hand-in-hand with #2, but it's definitely something that if anyone needs help, I can usually find a way to show up.

4. Mow - I love to mow, but if you have some crazy neighbors who may or may not plant Vietnam era Claymores on the property line, I might have to pass.

5. Find Shoes - After an exhausting search of the home by my children, I found two pairs of shoes that hadn't been seen since yesterday afternoon in roughly 17 seconds. All I had to do was look. This is also one of my specialties.

6. Throw Things Away - While I am myself a semi-hoarder of all things I may need in a few years stored chaotically in my garage, I am very good at tossing others stuff away that I perceive as useless, broken, or unnecessary. Get a dumpster and I can fill it!

7. Change A Tire - No joke, as I was typing #6, I got a call to help change a tire. Did I have everything needed to help a stranded motorist down the road. You bet I did! Need help changing a tire, give me a call and then let's work on #3.

**But if you do have something real estate related that you need help with, please do not hesitate to call or text. I'm pretty handy with that as well**

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