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A Suite Trend

As a real estate professional, it is my job to stay on top of housing and design trends. Many times, I find myself researching trends that have not yet hit our local Bloomington/Normal market. When they do begin to show, I'm more than prepared to answer questions and guide potential homebuyers and sellers as to why a particular home has certain features or what updates/upgrades they might consider in order to best position themselves for a fast and profitable sale. One such trend that hasn't quite landed in the Land of Lincoln are duel master suites.

Two master suites? That's right! Two of them. But who would need TWO master suites? With our lives becoming more complicated, life expectancy lengthening, and generation X - Y - Z clashing, there are many great reasons this trend may not end up being a trend.


Most households have different sleep patterns residing under the same roof. Night owls, early risers and changing work schedules can all contribute to one or more people within your home losing sleep due to someone else in the home. Having multiple options to retire to at the end of the day/night is a solution that more and more families are utilizing and for finding a solution to a good night's rest for everyone.


Splitting master suites between levels in your home has its advantages. Should someone in the household or family member falls ill, becomes disabled, or is not able to navigate the stairs any longer, a main level suite may be ideal. However, parents finding themselves with their adult children moving back in to the home may want to maintain a level of privacy and space that is bound to be disrupted. Additional flexibility can be gained through duel suites for light sleepers and guest suites for visitors.


In what is know as the 'Sandwich Generation', 30 and 40 somethings are increasingly finding themselves caring not only for their children, but also for their aging parents and/or family members. In situations where a loved one has been injured or has trouble navigating daily living activities, it may be less than ideal to give up the living space that the caregiver has grown to know as their own. Further, the tiny guest room may not seem to be adequate either. In situations such as these, duel master suites is the answer.

Regardless of the reason a homeowner will find duel master suites appealing, it is hard to argue that the speed and way in which we live now will slow. With fixed income retirees and skyrocketing expenses, it is inevitable that we will find ourselves "sandwiched".

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