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Your home.....It's only worth what someone will pay

"So how much is it worth?" is a question that I get a lot. As the old adage goes, the monetary value of "it" is only worth what someone else will pay. Baseball cards, baby toys, watches, it doesn't matter. There is monetary value to be had, but unless you sell something, you have put exactly zero dollars in your pocket.

For Sale By Owner........Don't Do It

Selling your home is no different. If you set a price for your home that is not in line with what homes in the area are currently selling for, you can almost guarantee that you are putting yourself in for a rough home selling ride. Prospective buyers will walk-through, compare what they see with what has recently sold, and will write-off the property. Eventually, the general feedback will go from "It's nice, but the price..." to "What's wrong with it? It's been on the market forever."

All too often I see sellers who have such a sentimental attachment to the home, that they lose focus of their ultimate goal......SELL THE HOUSE! As a seller, you must understand there is a possibility that every dollar you put into your home will not come back to you. Believe me, that brand new carpet in the bathroom will not add positive equity to your sale price. This is why you see many homeowners who attempt to sell via For Sale By Owner struggle to sell their home and end up costing themselves more money in the process.

Selling a home is almost always a stressful and emotional experience, which is why you hire a professional to get the job done. Take his/her advice. Trust that they have done their homework and know the numbers (It's OK to ask to see them). Remember, your ultimate goal is to SELL THE HOUSE!

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