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One Chapter Closes - Another Begins

**A big THANK YOU to all of my clients, past and present. Your trust in me to get the job done for you is greatly valued and appreciated! Without you, I'm nothing. Thank you!**

2018.......What a year!

This year was definitely one of change. I left a stable (or seemed to be stable at the time) corporate career and dove head first into real estate. My kids grew like weeds, as did their list of activities and my wife took on a whole lot more responsibility than I would ever want to consider at her place of work. Being short on time in 2018 would definitely be an understatement for our household.

However, that doesn't mean we didn't make the most of the time we had. We all made positive strides for the better and have plenty of successes to reflect on. For me, professionally, I'm finally doing what I have always wanted to do. Be my own boss (At the office anyway. I'm not the boss of anything at home)! Starting in 2019, I'm doing business under my own name, still with Remax Rising of course.

For the last two years, I have been a member of the Jewett Homes Selling Team. Stacey, Taylor, Shannon and Carrie have all been great. From writing my first contract, to getting my first listing, to answering the smallest of questions, they were there to help. But as with anything I do, I always strive to grow. My production has doubled year over year, I have had solid social media growth (I'm up almost 20% over the last two months) and my days are filled with showings, questions, marketing, etc. I'm full blown real estate. And I love it.

I'm really excited about bringing on my own transaction manager. Courtney Brian will be filling that role and I think she will be fantastic at it. Somebody like Courtney, a Cubs fan, task oriented, organized, intelligent, is key for someone like me and especially key if I plan to grow into my own real estate team in the future. Plus, she's fun. Ain't nobody got time for anybody that ain't fun!

2019......You will see a new logo and most likely a rebranding from me. New signs :) I expect to continue to grow on social media (Oh, and btw, I can only invite you guys to like my FB page once a year. When you see it come up, do me a favor and hit like. I would VERY much appreciate it!) and again double my production from 2018. A good friend and mentor of mine told me once that real estate is a 3-5 year build, and he's right. I'm just going to be on the shorter end of that timeline. I'm going to continue to coach my son's baseball team and play princesses with my daughter. My wife is going to continue to kill it and I'm going to need to remember to enjoy it all.

2019.....You're going to come fast and leave fast I have a feeling. I will undoubtedly have several ups and downs, but more ups than downs :) And I will grow. Professionally, but more importantly, personally. My biggest hope is that I can look back on this post a year from now and say that I have become a better person, a better dad and a better husband. If I can do that, being a better real estate agent should come with the territory.

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