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2017 Summer Upgrades....Get Your $ Back!

Summer may not officially be here just yet, but if you’re like me, you’ve been working on home projects for several weeks now. Trying to determine which home project to tackle can be tough. However, HouseLogic has compiled a list of projects that are known to have the best return on investment (ROI). Let’s take a look….

Landscaping – ROI 105%

Flowering shrubs and/or trees is a great way to add color and ambiance to your home. Stone paver or flagstone walkways and fresh mulch are sure to transform the appeal of your home, creating an inviting setting for family, friends and neighbors alike. This kind of work can be DIY or hired out to a professional such as Stolfa Landcaping or Down to Earth Hardscapes.

Cost - $4700

ROI - $5000

Patio/Deck Install – ROI 102%

Adding an outdoor space adds curb appeal and a refreshing place to relax with friends and family and enjoy some of that new landscaping. This is an item that many buyers are now looking at as a must-have. If your neighbors don’t have a nice outdoor space, you may want to consider one to set yourself apart!

Patio - $6400

ROI - $6525

Deck - $5500

ROI - $5000

New Roof – ROI 105%

If your home has missing, curling, or moss covered shingles, the value of your home is going to suffer. Get it fixed! Without fail, every homebuyer will ask “What shape is the roof in?” or “When was the roof last replaced?” In addition, a new roof may help bring down some of your ever-increasing heating and cool bills.

Cost - $7600

ROI - $8000

Hardwood Flooring – ROI 100%

Hardwood floors are very desirable, whether new or refinished. If you have the option to add or refinish hardwood flooring, it’s hard to not do it when you know you are getting the value back out of your upgrade.

Refinish - $2500

ROI - $2500

New - $5500

ROI - $5000

So if you’re looking to do a few things around the house this summer and can’t decide which project to undertake, hopefully this list can be used as a guide to not only choose the upgrade, but which project will bring the most bang for your buck!

***Average costs are reported by HomeLogic. Contact a local professional for a quote to have the most up to date and accurate cost numbers***

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